My Bucket List

Everyone has a list of all the crazy and interesting things they would like to do in the course of their life. Here is mine:

  1. See the Eiffel tower.
  2. Go sky diving.
  3. Visit a particle accelerator. ✔ 
    I had the pleasure of touring Brookhaven National Laboratory where I saw RHIC (“Rick”) Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider as well as one of the detectors. (a bus ride away!!)  
  4. Teach a physics course. ✔
    I had the pleasure of teaching a Classical Physics recitation and lab at UMassD.  
  5. Wear a lab coat and goggles.✔
    During my internship, I had the pleasure of dressing in a lab coat and googles at MIT Lincoln Lab while on a tour of their machine shop and hazardous biological agents facility (which was filled with sterilizing stations and high sensitivity air filters).
  6. Obtain a Ph.D
  7. Drive from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast.
  8. Go backpacking in Europe.
  9. Try espresso and gelato in Italy.
  10. Be on the cover of a magazine.
  11. Write a novel.
  12. Be on a television show.
  13. Make a contribution to the scientific community.
  14. Visit NASA’s headquarters.
  15. See the pyramids of Egypt.
  16. Snowboard down a mountain.
  17. Celebrate New Years Eve in New York City.
  18. Collaborate on an international project.

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